Best Industrial Bar Stool Ideas to Make Your Home Bar Decor an Inspiration!

The industrial style decor emerged out as a result of the dire needs of the hectic life when people desired & creatively integrated sleek industrial pieces into their homes that are functional as well. Our wide selection of industrial bar stools isn’t only versatile, but it remains faithful to the ongoing trend in its craftsmanship, quality, and structured design.

Now, this design trend is a talk of the town for its creative use of bold lines, rigid architecture, raw materials, and vintage accents. Restaurants, pubs, and bars across the globe proudly showcase this one-of-a-kind aesthetic where functionality and robust foundations become the point of interest. Try these incredibly diverse home bar ideas, each of them using the industrial trend to deliver a special experience.

Speakeasy Industrial Home Bar


As a contemporary trend, this style is popular for its subtle intimacy with simple but effective industrial designs. Specialize in wooden surfaces to make the intimate atmosphere that’s so common in a very speakeasy bar and heighten this ambiance by choosing dim lighting.

An alternative is to own lights is to use vintage décor, mirrors, and lampshades to complete the space. You’ll always be able to get creative with lights and incorporate industrial bar stools for a better outcome.

Simple Sophistication


Your home bar doesn’t need to rely solely on industrial-style décor to look unique. Sometimes, subtle finishing touches and smartly selected home & furniture accents are enough to form or break the ambiance of an area.

An all-wooden bar paired with vintage industrial bar stools and a few chrome light shades is all you wish to provide a home bar the finishing touch it needs.

A Splash of Color


Though industrial interior design gravitates around neutral, warm tones, you can break some rules and make a bold move by selecting a color palette with a dominating bright color. Strategic splashes of bright shades beautifully complement the earthy tones of wooden surfaces and the metallic frames of the stools.

Maximize Tiny Spaces


Despite our dreams, having a home bar isn’t always an option. If you reside in a residence or a loft, maybe a home bar if your space is more compact. That’s where furniture revamps come in handy.

Industrial style decor is all about finding functionality in everyday items. ensure everything in your home bar contributes not just aesthetically but purposefully, too, to maximize your small space.

Finding a winning design for your home bar isn’t easy, yet with time and patience, you’ll find something perfect! If you wish for more industrial inspiration, try and check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, where you can find stunning designs & ideas each day. You can also visit us at if you’re looking for your ideal home decor & furniture options!

Furnishing Homes on A Budget: Tips to Look For The Right Home Decor Accessories!

Our tips & tricks aren’t necessarily hard and fast rules, but we’re still happy to share what we all know so our fellow rookies trying to recreate a room they love and may knock it out of the park confidently. We promise buying home accessories isn’t as daunting because it could appear. Here are the ideas & tricks we consider in mind when searching for the right items to sprinkle around our shelves and spaces.


Know Your Size Limits

The very first thing we do when identifying what accessories to shop for a particular space is to live within space’s limits. If it’s a shelf, we see how tall the accessory is and identify an approximate width size too. We then usually write down these measurements on a bit piece of paper (or keep it within the notes of our phone) and ALWAYS carry it around with us when we’re out shopping.

Identify Very Loose Guidelines

After identifying the sizes, we then note VERY loose guidelines on what we’re searching for. These notes usually include if we’re trying to find some tall items, maybe if we’re trying to find several short/wide/colorful/neutral items, maybe some colors that we hope to incorporate, etc. These loose guidelines make the hunt a bit less overwhelming, but we do want to worry that we never make an inventory of decor items we’re trying to find because that creates the hunt a lot more difficult and far more frustrating.

Don’t Break the Bank

We rarely ever splurge on buying home accessories because we’re usually confident we will find things we love that are affordable. 

Choose Meaningful Items

We love a wonderfully styled shelf, but we actually love a superbly styled shelf that tells a story about the homeowner. Make an attempt to incorporate items into your home decor that are important to your story, your travels, the important people in your life, etc.

Only Buy What You Like

And last but VERY not least, only buy what you’re absolutely obsessive about and don’t ever just buy to buy… especially when you’re feeling the need to get the work done soon. Hold off and look forward to belongings you absolutely like to ensure you’ll love them months or perhaps years from now. Don’t put a deadline on getting these things for your new space, finding items that fit the bill may be a process and cannot happen overnight and that’s okay!

We hope our tips will help you buy home accessories that are stylish yet functional for furnishing your home.

Home Furniture Buying Tips: Things to Consider When Shopping from Online Stores

The world of the internet has changed the way one looks at it for purchases online. Today one can purchase any type of furniture & decor accessories from home furniture stores online, auction sites and sites selling used furniture, for both office and residential purposes. The entire perception of online shopping has gained plenty of attention, creating high competition in the market. This has also resulted in exploiting shoppers who are unaware of the golden rules of making a good purchase and thus here are few recommendations on the way to buy furniture from home furniture stores online.


– Determine What Sort of Furniture You’re Exactly Searching For: Have a transparent idea of the scale, shape, and style of furniture you wish for your room. Then search for home furniture sites which focuses on selling particular kind of products and people who offer every kind under one head. Look over their catalog and keep going through as many websites as you’ll be able to until you discover one product that appeals to you the most.

– Learn More About the Website: Research how reliable the store is by reading its profile and get in touch with details. Always opt for websites that offer their contact details. If that’s not given, then there’s definitely something wrong. For people who have given info online, invoke the numbers, and speak to the representative till you’re satisfied.

– Compare Prices on Different StoresSome Home furniture stores offer products which are either manufactured by them or from top manufacturers or both. In either case, ensure you cross-check with the official site of the well-known manufacturer and if the sites have their own production then get details on its quality service and products within the market.

– Don’t Sway with The Heavy Discounts: The explanation of why people prefer buying from home furniture stores online is that they provide products at discounted rates. so as to draw in customers, many sites flash heavy discount sites and mislead the purchasers. Watch out for such offers. Never get frenzied looking just like the discount rates and remember quality products holds good value and may never tend away at such cheap rates.

– Make a Note of The Shipping Details: Many sites offer furniture with free shipping charges. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the shipping service thoroughly which you’re providing with all transaction details with the transport company.– On Delivery Check the Things Before You Sign the Papers: If you discover anything fishy about the merchandise or if there’s any a part of the furniture damaged or displace, refuse to sign any kind of paper and ensure you get a clean delivery. This again depends on the positioning whether it offers any sort of return policy or not. So keep your eyes receptive to these before making any type of deal.

Stylish Antique Wall Decor Ideas that will Make Your Walls Look Unforgettable!

Not all folks are keen on antique home decorating. However, we’ve got to admit the fact that retro-style accessories look very unique, extraordinary and are able to turn even the dullest room into a comfy and charming place. And if you’re an admirer of antiques, you only can’t resist adding some antique wall art decor to your home.


So as to use antique wall decorations, it’s not necessary to possess a very vintage interior. Such adornments are brilliantly combined with traditional, rustic, and modern chic styles. So, let’s see how you’ll be able to enhance your home with the subsequent ideas of vintage wall accessories.

Antique Wall Clocks

The clock might also play the role of quaint wall art. You’re free to buy purely vintage clocks or those, which are designed in retro style. Putting up a collection of several clocks together looks creative and impressive. And it’s nothing bad if all the clocks have different designs and colors.

Book Wall Decor

If you rummage around for intelligent antique wall art decor ideas, consider those with books. The book pages may function as a good instrument for creating DIY adornments. Or you will use books without tearing them apart. 

Vintage Map Art pieces

Basically, the employment of old maps is even wider than the other vintage style wall decor. They’ll look stylish even in contemporary interiors to mention nothing about retro. Rather than a classic large print of a map, you’ll be able to go for split art and have one map divided into several pieces.

Retro Style Trays

These look fantastic as vintage bedroom wall decor in addition to nurseries, living rooms, and kitchens interiors. However, it’s more creative than most of the other wall art options. A kitchen or dining room is the best place for displaying such art.

Vintage Frames

Honestly, the selection of vintage frames for antique wall art decor is incredibly large. Ranging from distressed frames to gilded ones, you’re liberated to choose those, which look the foremost harmonious with the rest of the interior. 

Vintage Plates

If you would like to possess unusual vintage wall decorations, give some thought to placing the gathering of antique plates on the wall. Such decor is the best suited for kitchens and dining rooms. The plates may be from an identical set or be absolutely different in shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Antique Letter Wall Art 

Vintage letters are often used for various ideas. They’ll compose your name, words, which have a special meaning for you, additionally as your favorite quotes. as an example, the letters may be accustomed to composing your beloved name for vintage wall decor, or to jot down “Welcome” on the wall near a porch, or to make large vintage signs wall decor.

French Country Furniture: Give Your Interiors A Touch Of Perfection & Beauty!

French country decor is largely all about creating a look and feel of the interiors that are casual but also very elegant and which also reminds us of the countryside in France. The colors utilized in this kind of decorations are inspired naturally and can generally include shades like lavender which reminds of the wildflowers blossoming within the hills. 

It tries to form a mood that’s rustic and which also makes you remember old-world charm and luxury. It’s also noticed that during this kind of decor there could also be many variations but even then there are many common elements that permeate every different form. 

French country furniture is usually considered the design that goes on for years- it never goes out of fashion. once you need a modern look for your home without spending a fortune each year on redecorations, then they offer the right solution. Elegant, classy, and highly functional at the same time, they set every home decor but the run-of-the-mill interiors. The most commonly used French country colors are muted tones that fit well in almost every combination and also the rule is usually don’t try matching colors.


Adding The Proper Touch To Any Decor

French country furniture is hugely popular thanks to its unique characteristic of having the ability to feature a tinge of color to a colorless decor. On the opposite hand, a well-chosen piece of such furniture can even subdue the garish overtones of an excessively glitzy interior. This type of furniture may be a wonderful addition to your home once you aren’t exactly sure of what blends in with the present decor.

Simplistic Styles Speak Volumes

These pieces first appeared when the concept of ‘shabby chic’ was commencing to gain credibility. Most buyers draped their furniture pieces with sheets or blankets to make interior decors that might be completely transformed in minutes. That’s why these pieces are always simplistic in design.

You will find no ornate carvings or intricate embellishments with French country furniture. However, this is often to not say that they’re not crafted just as painstakingly as the more opulent pieces. The easy design adds a bare minimum of elegance and blends in with any existing decor seamlessly. Country French furniture is made typically with handcrafted solid wood items, that are distressed by hand to offer the worn and loved patina of a fine antique.

Handmade To Perfection

Another interesting fact to grasp about French country style is that authentic pieces are handcrafted, never machine-made. This provides each piece to have a unique aesthetic appeal. 

If you’re looking to remodel your home into a warm, welcoming, and cozy place, then French Country style is that the way to go. With handcrafted, authentic furniture pieces available at Casagear you’ll be able to very easily buy them from the comfort of your home.